Sunday, 9 April 2017

Cloud Genie

A recent Shape Challenge gave me the change to imagine the conversation between a cloud based AI genie with voice recognition technology and someone trying to get their wishes.

The Twitter challenge only really required a single panel but you could imagine a much longer conversation in a strip.

GENIE: Thank you for activating your all powerful cloud based Genie powered by the latest in voice recognition technology.  Please state your three wishes

PERSON: Please may I have unlimited wealth for my first wish

GENIE: I'm sorry I do not understand you.  Please state your wish in a clear voice using the keyword Genie.

PERSON: Genie may I have unlimited wealth

GENIE: Your order for unlimited whelks has been placed with our partner supplier.  You have two wishes remaining

PERSON: Wait thats not what I said!!!

GENIE: I'm sorry I do not understand you.  Please state your wish in a clear voice using the keyword Genie.

PERSON: Genie, thats not what I said!

GENIE: Your order for a brand new water bed has been placed with our partner supplier.  You have one single wish remaining.

PERSON:  No undo you're misinterpreting my wishes

GENIE: I'm sorry I do not understand you.  Please state your wish in a clear voice using the keyword Genie.

PERSON: (slowly) Genie. undo last two wishes

GENIE:  Your order for the unlimited whelks and a water bed have been cancelled.  You have used all your three wishes.  Thanks you for choosing our powerful cloud based Genie service.

Saturday, 1 April 2017

Bob Dylan Caricature

A caricature of Bob Dylan from the a competition.  He's one of my musical heroes passed down from my dad who was into the whole 60s folk scene, but whereas I was desperate to see Paul Simon when he played Glasgow I've yet to gamble on going to see Bob Dylan as you're never quite sure what sort of concert you'll get.


For Mothers Day (UK) 2017 I drew a Pokemum trading card.  Looking back on my Mothers Day archives you can also find Batmum (2012), Iron Mum (2013), Star Wars Mum (2014), Marvel X Mums (2015) and absolutely nothing for 2016 except a Judy Murray caricature.  The good news is the cartoon will work again on US mother's day which is in May.

Monday, 23 January 2017

Tom Hanks

A caricature of Tom Hanks the famous US actor for a competition.

Thursday, 19 January 2017

Denis Istomin

I woke up this morning not expecting much to have happened in the Australian Open only to find Uzbekistan's Denis Istomin ranked 117 in the world going into a fourth set tie break against Novak Djokovic trying to level the match.  Not only did he take the tie break he went on to break Djokovic in the fifth set and claim a win that McEnroe called the "biggest upset in a decade".

With his matching glasses and head band he was also fun to draw so here is my caricature of Denis Istomin.

Thursday, 12 January 2017


Today in East Kilbride I saw a fairly rare (in the UK at least) weather phenomena know as Thundersnow which according to Wikipedia and the Met Office is a thunderstorm where you get snow instead of rain.  The snow muffles the sound of the thunder so what you get more of is the flash reflected off the snow.  Thundersleet is also a thing when the storm can't decide whether it wants to be just a thunderstorm (the rain is apparently implied) or a cooler thundersnow.

After a heavy gray brooding storm front it really was over in a flash for me but I did draw this cartoon about how it could have been even cooler - at least in my imagination.

I have also cartooned about other extreme weather like the December when it was quite windy.

Monday, 9 January 2017

Neptune's Noodles

Over on Twitter I've been doing #Mythicalmashup the subject of which today was King Neptune and Noodles.  Not an easy combination but I managed to do a six panel strip with some awful puns.

King Neptune was of course the Latin i.e. Roman version of the God of the Sea (the Greek equivalent was Poseiden).