Monday 25 August 2014

Independence Debate Alternative Format

Regardless of what side you were on you have to admit this would be a better format that listening to two old Scottish men shout over the top of each other for an hour and an half.  There was long periods of the BBC debate I literally couldn't tell what either side were saying except that Alex Salmond's shoutyness seemed to be marginally better that that guy from the muppets...

Monday 4 August 2014

Who is Guardian Witness IP5228505?

Today I had one of my cartoons published in the Guardian G2 section as part of a Guardian Witness assignment.  Thanks to my not paying attention I used a 2009 account that had anonymous username IP5228505 so great marketing opportunity squandered!

It is on their website here  You should check out some of the other gems from Rob Doyle, Royston, Chris Williams and others.

And here is the original again for your enjoyment from an earlier CCGB competition and blog entry.

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