Wednesday, 1 September 2021

#aughost 2021


You could do a prompt-a-day art challenge every month of the year if you wanted to there is now so many of them,  Of course the most recognisable is #inktober but hang around art twitter enough and you'll see plenty of others and this year Aughost is the third I've tried (Caricature Resolution 2021 by ISCA in January, March of Robots in March and now in August...)

AuGhost was setup by David Pietrandrea and Sommerjam as a daily drawing of something ghostly to a prompt every day in Aughost and there is tons of fun and varied artwork from artists of all stripes.

Last year I did a couple in the spare minutes before the day started but this year I spent a bit more time on my efforts and the main thing I discovered this year was how much wordless cartoons did for this sort of challenge for a couple of reasons.

Firstly with wordless cartoons or comics you aren't just making a picture but trying to tell a story without using word which has one obvious advantage that it works in any language as long as you don't include obscure cultural references.

So here are my favourites up top was a Lion King reference the circle of afterlife.

The prompt for day 3 was lottery and one of the nice things about ghostly prompts is that you can also go for thoughtful or sad and not just the gag every time as the overall theme is quite reflective.

Of course people are just scrolling so sometimes they are just feline like they want a cat gag to hit like on.

Then again sometimes you want to reward folk for taking time to roam around the image.  This one was on the theme cavernous and I hid contractionary  signs at the top.  It's relatable because everyone gets lost in Ikea.

Sometimes the fun is just to work out something for a prompt in this case elemental in which case I came up with sometimes around Earth, Wind and Fireflies with some ghostly gardening.

Sunday, 9 May 2021

Martin Geissler Election Special


The Scottish Parliament elections fell in pandemic times so the 6 weeks of campaigning was a bit more muted than normal meaning all I saw of it were a few shouty TV debates and leaflets through the door.  Being a bit unsure of what conditions in voting stations would be I registered to vote by the postal time for the first time.

The other pandemic fallout was that results instead of being released in a thrilling overnight race to be first  to declare were spread over two days of counting Friday and Saturday as they could not have as many counters in the halls as before.

I missed the first day of mostly constituency results but had it on for most of the marathon 8 hours of coverage on the Saturday.  For part of this I drew the host Martin Geissler (who did a good job).

As it was in the lull between most of the constituency seats being declared and the list seats announcements I even made it onto the TV where Martin had to graciously react after hours of talking to Scottish politicians

I paused the TV so I could show my ma I’d been on the television.

Tuesday, 2 February 2021

Hourly Comic Day 2021

 Right before Groundhog Day but after the January caricature resolution caricature there is a marathon comic challenge called Hourly Comic Day (not to be confused with 24 hour comics day).

The idea on HCD (1st Feb) is to draw a comic for every hour you're awake (Sarah McIntyre explains it well here).

The novelty of having to turn out a comic every hour usually fades when you're a few hours into it and you realise your family and employer probably wants you to actually achieve something other than drawing comics that day.  So my technique is usually to not attempt it every hour but every second hour.

The 2021 twist is everyone is mainly indoors looking at screens so the visual variety is less than previous years (in 2019 just before the pandemic I went into town and visited a bookshop and a cafe - unbelievable!).

So here is this year's 9 part comic documenting a day under lockdown.

Caricature Resolution 2021

 One of my resolutions for 2021 is to blog (a bit more) about what I’m up to art wise because even though I’m daily updating social media it is still nice to have some long form content that doesn’t get washed away in the endless trending streams of tweets and grams.

So a few days into January I discovered on the Instagram hashtag #caricatureresolution2021 run by ISCA the International Society of Caricature Artists. Like many other monthly challenges there is a prompt of a person to draw every day.

I like caricature but it isn't the same as drawing portraits and although I have drawn a few one I quite like some of the artists on this hashtag were doing amazing work so there is clearly room for improvement.  So where time allowed I vowed to try and caricature whoever came up that day.

I didn’t quite manage every day but I did do about half of them and here are my favourites.

This is Carol Channing from the last day prompt 31 by which time I was starting to get a feel for it so I might as well start with a more polished example.

Here’s Daveed Davis in his Hamilton role (how I miss live theatre or any sort of cultural event).

Frances McDormand from her Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri role.

Finally Martin Luther  King Jnr from the 15th using a slightly more painterly approach.

Do browse the Instagram hashtag if you want to see all the amazing caricatures done by artists across the world.

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