Tuesday 5 April 2011

Facebook Kindergarden

To all my Facebook friends I still love you - it's just have you ever wondered how natural Facebook conversation is.  You wouldn't have a conference phone call with all your friends at the same time but that's what Facebook feels like sometimes.  If you have even a moderate amount of friends it's hard sifting through the feeds to find the interesting morsels of what is really going on with folk.

UPDATE: The intention of this cartoon seem to confuse some folks who couldn't tell if I was trying to have a go at Facebook users or Facebook itself.  It is the latter as I attempted to convey my sense of information overload when look at the news feeds.  There are probably ways of clearing this up such as hiding game updates but they aren't that obvious to the casual user.  So if you didn't get it, thought it wasn't funny or were offended I'm sorry - this cartoon is already being washed away in the flood of social networking news and I'll come back to funny soon.

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