Saturday 18 August 2012

New Season Writeoffs

The new Premiership season kicked off today and already seasons are being written off by tomorrow.

Liverpool crashed out to West Brom 3-0 so that will be their season over.

Also Arsenal failed to score against Sunderland so they will be in crisis as well especially since Song is maybe going to Barcelona.

As always pundits have column inches to fill and fans of all colours have comments to vent at so these clubs are always attracting these stories which later in the season turn out to have been premature.

Football is a simple game and at the last match (Egypt vs Belarus at Hampden) it was easy to shout at both teams for not doing the seemingly easy task of putting the ball in the net.  If we can see it from the paying seats how much more should managers and coaches just be telling their players to just score goals.

Football may be simple but it's not easy and today's defeats while good for headlines are no indicator of future performance.

Above is the version posted to the CCGB competition but after I did it I noticed a glaring error so I post the corrected version below so you can play spot the difference and laugh at my mistake (I pencilled a detail in the rough but forgot to ink it)

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  1. Ooo, ooo, I found it! middle guy on the bench was missing his left foot. I won't lie though, I don't really understand any of the football related stuff! good cartoon though. Jo


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