Saturday 6 February 2016

Error 53 Revenge of the Apple Store

Has Apple turned to the dark side with the latest upgrade bricking iPhone 6s with the mysterious error 53 if they have been serviced by non-Apple personnel?  Here I contrast Error 53 with Order 66.

Apple claim that it is a security risk if non-Apple personnel have tampered with the fingerprint sensor allowing them to gain unauthorised access.  However bricking the entire phone if it detects a non Apple home button is an extreme measure when they could just have prevented fingerprint access.

The other issue is that is not merely iPhones that have been serviced by non-Apple personnel but sometimes just if you home button has broken in a certain way and while you could continue this upgrade decides it needs to render your entire expensive iPhone useless instead.

The fix for Error 53 appears to be a new phone.

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