Tuesday 2 February 2021

Hourly Comic Day 2021

 Right before Groundhog Day but after the January caricature resolution caricature there is a marathon comic challenge called Hourly Comic Day (not to be confused with 24 hour comics day).

The idea on HCD (1st Feb) is to draw a comic for every hour you're awake (Sarah McIntyre explains it well here).

The novelty of having to turn out a comic every hour usually fades when you're a few hours into it and you realise your family and employer probably wants you to actually achieve something other than drawing comics that day.  So my technique is usually to not attempt it every hour but every second hour.

The 2021 twist is everyone is mainly indoors looking at screens so the visual variety is less than previous years (in 2019 just before the pandemic I went into town and visited a bookshop and a cafe - unbelievable!).

So here is this year's 9 part comic documenting a day under lockdown.

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