Monday 9 May 2011

Wi-fi and Climate Change

Prize for the most ridiculous headline of the day goes to the Guardian  for it's

Climate change 'threatens UK wi-fi connections', says government report

also picked up by the Telegraph and others.

Really the main threat to human civilisation due to more unpredictable weather, storms, extremes of blazing hot summers and freezing winters is not to the global food chain or the survival of people living in flood plains etc?  No in order to get our attention the government has to point out it will affect our wi-fi signals!!!  Oh and it does affect power supplies too.

This is even without  any discussion of the politics of climate change and the impact of human activity.  If politics, Science and the media want a proper debate on the subject they have to do better than this.  After all the threat to the frail human infrastructure on this planet has to come down to more than interrupting our ability to download books from the Kindle store.

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