Thursday 26 April 2012

Modern Avengers #1: The Hulk

The (American) Avengers made their debut in 1963 and now a blockbuster film is being released nearly 40 years later to show them in the modern world.  This lead me to think about how I would portray each of these old characters in the modern world so this is the start of a series of up to six cartoons about each of the Avengers characters.

I start with the Hulk who ought to be the ultimate 'Green' hero.  Thanks to our education system my daughter now shouts at me in supermarket checkout queues if I don't bring reusable bags with me.

Some facts about the Hulk
1. The Hulk was originally grey not green but as green was difficult to print he was turned to green by issue #2 of "The Incredible Hulk" comic series
2. The Hulk has grown over time being originally 7-8ft in the comics, he is now 10-15ft in the films and modern comics.
3. Bruce Banner is one of many Marvel characters with alliterative names e.g. Peter Parker, Matt Murdoch, Green Goblin, Pepper Potts, Silver Surfer,Fantastic Four

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