Wednesday 9 September 2015

New Apple TV

Watched today's September Apple special event streamed from San Francisco.  Afterwards I drew this cartoon about the new Apple TV with Siri support and apps to with some suggestions from my wife.

Overall I thought:

  • Apple thinks alot of doctors use their products
  • Apple Watch still very much a luxury purchase
  • Bigger iPad Pro looks very nice but expensive (surely it can't get bigger than bigger)
  • Microsoft are going to be miffed if iPad Pro is a success and Surface bombs given they had external keyboards, pressure sensitive stylus and big price tag first.
  • Apple still thinks 10 hours is a day (see previous Apple watch cartoon)
  • Apple Pencil could be good or could be like all those other stylus I have thought were going to be great that ended up in my drawer unused.  Wacom may be worried this is muscling in on their Cintiq territory but desktop software is still better than what iOS apps offer at the moment IMHO.
  • Apple TV is trying to become a console with its app store offering games.
  • I don't know anyone who will want to shop for luxury clothes on an Apple TV
  • Talking to your TV is going to feel stupid for a while and chaotic when the whole family can do it.
  • If 3D touch on Apple Phone 6S is revolutionary Android will soon do something similar for less.  Also everyone is going to call it Force Touch because its way funnier and you can use it for Star Wars references.
  • Nobody needs an emergency selfie unless they are being murdered and want to be avenged.
  • I'm glad U2 didn't show up although the audience didn't look like they were the sort to get up and boogie to a rock band anyway.
  • Jonathan Ive thinks everything Apple produces is revolutionary.

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