Thursday 31 December 2015

2015 in cartoons

Before we leave 2015 behind here is my wistful look back at my favourite topical/silly cartoons of the year.

1. If at first you don't succeed (January)
Some ancient Scottish history to start the year coupled with a familiar tablet gag.

2. Broadchurch and the Gingerbread man (January)
After lemmings gingerbread men are one of my favourite things to draw in cartoons.
3. Terrible Tory tales about the SNP (April)
I must have drawn half a dozen or more cartoons around the UK General Election and this is the only one I thought hit the mark.

4. Father Ted caricature
I drew quite a few celebrity caricatures this year from Thor to Greg Wallace but since I had to select just one it would be this.

5. Overreacting
A chemistry cartoon for the competition.

6. OK Corral Bake-off
Talking of competitions this is the one cartoon that won this year in CCGB public forum competitions.

7. Greece - the end is Nigh
Before the refugee crisis and terrorism atrocities Greece was the big story at the start of the year with every week deemed to be the end of the the Greek economy/the EU until all of a sudden it dropped out the news when it was sort of resolved.

8. Star Wars VII
The big entertainment news of the year was J J Abrams Star Wars The Force Awakens and whether he would be take it in another direction or not.

9. Davis Cup
With Team GB's run to the final via Glasgow I found myself doing lots of tennis cartoons and caricatures.   While I was pleased with the likenesses of the team I captured (which I shared alot) I quite like this post tournament comment about how the legacy needs to be managed.  Thankfully recently the LTA has been making the right sort of noises about the future.

10. Drone Santa
And to round us off a Christmas cartoon with drones.

So Happy New Year and we'll see what 2016 throws up.

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