Thursday 17 August 2017

PortraitChallenges (2017)

Over on Twitter Thursday nights are #PortraitChallenge nights where we all do a version of a famous portrait (photograph or painting) that @StudioTeabreak tweets.  The challenge for me is to try and recreate the style and form of gorgeous pieces of art which is not only good practise but increases your appreciation for the original by forcing you to look really deep.

I've been quite pleased with recent Portrait Challenges so I thought I would share my last four challenges which are all of females.

1. Amitra Sher-Gil's 'Kara Szepessy' (1932)

2. Gerald Leslie Brockhurst's "By the Hills"

3. Sharecropper by Elizabeth Catlett

4. E.D.Schott's 'Margit' 

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  1. This portrait challenge thing looks really cool man!I like all the recreated portraits by you.I got to see so many unique portraits through this challenge!


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