Thursday 15 September 2011

CSS Miami

At work we were discussing TV programs that could be made for programmers and I thought of examples like X Re-Factor, Cache in the Attic, Day Breakpoint before I seized on the only one that was funny CSS Miami.

For non-programmers CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets which is used to style most of the websites you look at.  For programmers CSI Miami is a comedy show set in a South Florida forensics lab led by Horatio Cane who wears glasses.  Every week they solve difficult crimes very easily while looking beautiful and making pithy remarks.

Join them together and you get a cartoon that will appeal to literally a couple of people.  Indeed so worried was I that someone else may have stolen my hilarious programmer TV idea that I Googled it and found out that programmers have only used the pun potential to write sites about CSS so my cartoon is safe.

Back to the Programmer TV listings here is my rough schedule for a typical day.

6am  - 8:30am Day Breakpoint
Alex and Adrian discuss the server alert logs and kernel panics from the previous night's computing.

8:30am - 8:45am Bob The MsBuilder 

8:45am - 9am OpenRasta Mouse

9am - 10am Place By The C
Celine tries to persuade pale anemic programmers to relocate to warm exotic locations.

10am - 10:30am Cache In The Attic
Our experts uncover strange secrets in people's browser caches.

10:30am - 11am Judge Ruby
Ruby based AI deliberates over various domestic matters.  This week Alex accuses his neighbours of stealing his Wi-Fi WEP key.

11am - 12pm The Tom Kyte show
Controversial Tom Kyle discusses the big issues of the day relating to Oracle databases

1pm - 2pm deBuggerac
Jersey based detective investigates another problem step by step.

2pm - 2:30pm Weakest Link
Anne Robertson puts down shoddy deployment practices including a ill formed C make file and some missing DLLs

3pm - 4pm Grand Designs
Software architect Kevin and his heavily pregnant wife attempt to complete an eco-friendly service architecture before Christmas.

5.30pm  - 6pm Home and Array
Heath discovers Charlie has been playing out of bounds (repeat)

7pm - 8:30pm X Refactor

8:30pm - 9pm Vi
Steven Fry hosts a quiz show that attempts to guess command sequences for the Unix editor.

9pm - 10pm CSS Miami
South Florida crime lab investigates another broken website

10pm - 10.30pm Mock The Geek
What is says

10.30pm - 11pm Embarassing Bodies
HTML programmers reveals their worst website layouts to a panel of experts

11pm - 1am - Friday the 13th part II
JSON is back.

1am - 6am MVC Shopping
Our shopping channel brings you everything from mail-order brides to iPad covers in a well organised and testable way.

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