Wednesday 28 September 2011

Fawlty Tevez Episode 1: The Germans

Only in Premier League football could you refuse to play and still be paid a quarter of a million pounds a week!  I don't normally draw what people suggest but Oli suggested I do something about Carlos Tevez refusal come off the bench during the Champions League match with Bayern Munich.  Or was it a misunderstanding?  Was Carlos sitting there at the match wondering what he was doing in those comfy padded seats so close to the match?  Also was he confused why he was wearing a Man City strip with a number on his back and he might be asked to do something for his quarter mil a week.  Then again if he can't speak English (allegedly) what about those around him what were they doing.

The comedy of Fawlty Towers stands up well after several decades.  Some may think the exchanges between Basil Fawlty and Manuel are no longer-PC but is the classic comedy of misunderstanding - a bit like what happened at the Bayern Munich Stadium

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