Saturday 22 October 2011

Happy First Birthday Cartoonsidrew

It's our first birthday!  It's exactly one year since my cartoon blog was launched as drewsdoodles with this hand drawn post called Not Very Astute.  131 posts and 355 days later we're still going strong.

Due to other commitments I don't have a new cartoon to share so I thought I would indulge myself in sharing my personal favourite top ten from the first year.  These don't quite correspond to the ten most popular but that tends to be skewed by Google image searches  - if you don't see your favourite her feel free to tell me what it is in the comments section.

So here they are, and don't worry they'll be plenty more in the next year

#1 Favourite Cartoon: Canute-0 (July 9th)

My favourite pun from the year and the artwork's not bad either - shame I couldn't spell Canute first time round.

2. Favorite Advent Cartoon: Three Wise Men vs Three Wise Women (Dec 1st 2010)
Three wise men vs three wise woman cartoonThe most popular cartoon on the blog in the first year is a piece of observational humour mining the well worn cartoon seam of the difference between the sexes.

3. Favourite Childcare cartoon: Cinderella Happily Ever After (19 Nov 2010)
I drew several gags round beds and lack of sleep due to young children but I like this one the most.

4. Favorite Cartoon Strip: Reward Stickers and the fight for Democracy (23 Feb 2011)
Strips take much longer than single panel gags to draw but they enable you to tell stories and more gags with more complex setup.  I've done quite a few and I also liked Shrove Tuesday, the Temptation of Crisps and more recently CSS Miami and Fawlty Tevez

5. Best Bible Gag: Solomon's Speed Date (8 Feb)
There was a Bible speed dating cartoon in a recent Private Eye but it wasn't as good as mine.

6. Best Likeness: Einstein's Speed Limit (28 May 2011)

Have tried to draw a few famous people this year Hiliary Clinton, Barack Obama and Lord Sugar amoungst others but this is the most easily recognisable.

7. Best American Cartoon - Declaration of Independence (4th July 2011)

These days I get more traffic from across the pond than the UK which is why I'm pleased when I draw anything for another country that works.

8 Best Topical Gag: NASAs future (23 July)
The The same week NASA scrapped the shuttle program I had a caption compedition that just fitted beautifull.

9 Best Science Gag: Schrodingers Cat (16 April 2011)

Sometimes simple line drawings are just as good as colour if the gag works.

10. Best Star Wars Gag: Death Star and Kids don't mix (26 March 2011)

Hope you enjoyed this best-of-show.  More LOL cartoons soon.

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