Tuesday 15 December 2020

Advent 2020 Part 1

 Advent 2020 like everything else in 2020 has been very different. On social media I’ve been posting a cartoon every day some ghosts of Christmas past and some of Christmas present.  Here are a selection of my favourite new cartoons from the first two weeks...

Day 3 was a twist on the angels appearing to shepherds that I have done in various guises.  I could equally have done another Brexit gag here.

Day 7 was a working from home elf who couldn’t get his deliveries before December 25th

Day 12 and as non essential shops reopened wise men just went with wherever didn’t have big queues

Day 14 and there is creeping confusion as to what exactly the rules for Christmas will end up being as authorities start to row back from earlier plans for relaxed family gatherings.

Day 15 and after watching some Christmas concerts online I imagine a little drummer boy scenario.

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