Wednesday 23 December 2020

Advent part 2

 Advent 2020 is very different from previous years as there was rumours of Christmas restrictions being tightened these advent topical cartoons tried to capture the moment.

Advent day 16 and the Ghost of Christmas Present started to haunt us as the rumours of tighter restrictions started to circulate.  Enjoyed drawing the Christmas Carols scene though

Advent day 18 was a cartoon from the reject pile (although I did get a cartoon about container ships and Christmas into the Christmas edition of Private Eye).  There was plenty of Santa-tiser gags around but I still had to draw this.

Advent day 20 I decided to talk about one of my favourite Christmas Carols in the bleak midwinter which like many other Christmas Carols doesn't make 100% sense if you take it literally and ask about why there would be deep snow and snowmen in Bethlehem.

Advent day 22 we now know we're in Tier 4 lockdown from Boxing Day so we have to prepare ourselves with some epic jigsaws.

Advent day 22 the newly announced mutation of the virus lead to lorries stuck in Kent and fears of food shortages in supermarkets which leads to fears of panic buying.  In reality I didn't see much evidence of it but I couldn't find bananas in Sainsburys on Christmas Eve Eve.

Have a good Christmas and may 2021 be a resurgent year for us all.

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