Saturday 15 January 2011

Broadband in Hell

Todays cartoon is only topical if like me you recently had no broadband for a week and were remembering the perculiar torture of watching the Broadband light on your router and WAP periodically go from blue to flashing orange with no control over when it turned back.

There's riots in Tunisia, no-one has any money, polar bears are running out of ice and there are terrorists at every airport but that is mere scary stories compared to NOT BEING ABLE TO CHECK YOUR FACEBOOK OR SEE WHAT THE WEATHER IS LIKE TOMORROW!!!  Here's a tip for your budding Tom Clancys trying to determine the next world domination tactics of global terrorism - how about instead of blowing things up they just sabotaged the Internet, trust me it would feel like the end of the world!

I'm annoyed because I missed one detail from my cartoon.  I wanted to give the horned character to the right a name.  I wanted to call him waproamd as a sort of techy-in joke. 

Now if you're paying attention, slightly bored and want a challenge post a comment telling me why I would call this character waproamd.  Here's a hint: what do Linux and Hell have in common?  Virtual i.e. non-existant prize for the winner, bonus points for anyone who can go on to tell me any reasons why I'm wrong (thats what the Internet and comments sections are for).

Did you do it?  Did you type 'waproamd' into Goggle and come up with another piece of information  you didn't need to know.  Do you feel smarter like you've learned something?  Now if the Internet was down for everyone we'd all be dumb!  Time to put armed guards at the Internet's primary hubs or if the problems like mine time to check your phone cables for corrosion at the telegraph pole.

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