Wednesday 23 February 2011

Reward Stickers and the fight for Democracy

Tonight's cartoon is based on two competing ideas I had in the car coming home listening to Radio 4 covering the turmoil in the Libya where the mad dictator Gaddafi is waging war against his own people who are calling for a change like in Tunisia, Egypt and Bahrain.  The events in the Middle East are hugely significant and who knows where they'll lead but when human life is being lost how can you say cartoon about it without sounding insensitive?

Then I was also thinking about how my daughter was due a prize through my newly drawn Tangled reward chart and how a friend had posted a link to an article on Facebook 'Five Reasons to Stop Saying "Good Job"' talking about how we shouldn't always praise our kids and all the psychological damage it could do to them.

So I had two cartoons in my head and just combined them into this strip.  Then I also thought about my new found parental guilt about using stickers to reinforce positive behaviour in the grand scheme of current human suffering and decided it was okay for tonight,

ps. The homeplug line refers to my Comtrend 902s which are playing up (don't know why that would interest anyone).

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