Tuesday 8 February 2011

Solomon's Speed Date Night

Second Valentines/Bible cartoon where we address the question of what polygamists do on Valentines Day.  As often is the case I'm not that interested in the answer just the comic potential of what King Solomon who had many wives (mostly foreign) would do with his great wisdom.

The invention of Speed Dating was credited to a Rabbi who wanted Jewish singles to meet as many new people as possible.  I don't know who invented Date Night but my friends seem to think it's an American idea whenever my wife and I declare on Facebook we are abandoning our offspring to go out together for Date Night.  However I'm pretty sure I invented Speed Date Night the way for polygamists to spend a bit of quality time with their many wives on occasions like Valentines night.

Footnote: Just in case any biblical/historical scholars take issue with my cartoon I drew the wives with veils so they would look the same.  I'm fairly confident the custom of the time was for woman to wear veils except with their husband but then again they didn't have restaurants with table cloths (although I could be wrong on that count too)

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