Sunday 6 March 2011

Tangled Up In Loo

I titled today's cartoon 'Tangled Up In Loo' a musical pun (Bob Dylan) on Rapunzel in the bathroom.  However there are two problems with that: firstly it's about a shower and secondly for an international blog I'm not sure how universal the term is.

So this is my second Rapunzel/Tangled cartoon and this time it's based upon me actually going to see the movie with my daughter.  It's a decent effort by Disney but I don't understand why Rapunzel doesn't spend the entire movie going 'Owww' given how much her hair gets tugged and how much my own offspring scream if you even take out a hair clip wrong never mind swing on their hair, beat up baddies or use it as a elevator.

On the whole hair in the shower thing I'm quite cool with women having at least one foible otherwise they'd be perfect and my gender would have no comeback when we leave the loo seat up for the n-teenth time.

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