Wednesday 2 March 2011

IPad 2 and the Commandments

Apple's iPad2 was unveiled tonight/today in San Francisco like the Second Coming for geeks.  After days of hype saying it would be thinner, lighter, faster and make the user ten times smarter/attractive it turns out the iPad is thinner, lighter, faster and has a camera on both sides.

Of course the obvious gag here is the Moses Tablet vs Apple Tablet.  Read your Bible or Wikipedia and you will see there was two sets of tablets the first one Moses smashed when he discovered the Israelites had got tired of waiting and had built themselves a Golden Calf/Android replacement.  The second version wasn't smashed and was kept with the first set in the Ark of the Covenant.  Had Apple designed the second tablet it would have been thinner, lighter with room for only 8 commandments.  Apple would have insisted on keeping the commandments 'You Shalt Not Steal Music' and 'You will have no other Apps but Apples'.  Then again we all know that Apple is not some sort of cult or religion whose devotees slavishly buy every new gadget they make.

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