Thursday 16 December 2010

Baby Jesus And His Presents (Advent 17)

One of the great mysteries of Christmas for Christians is that the Jesus we celebrate being born was both a human baby and God.  Vulnerable and all powerful, human and divine.

How does this cartoon make you feel?  For any normal human child this is simply a piece of observation that may raise a wry smile, but this is no normal child.  It's ok to depict the Shepards and the wise men as cartoons but just look at the typical art of Jesus and his mother (google images of Madonna and Child) and you'll see that previous art tends to portray the divine perfect nature of the pair.  Cartooning tends to want to find humour in situations and relate them to modern times and temperaments.

Is the story of Christmas about a perfect child who in the carol Away In A Manger "No Crying He Made" or was he a real kid with a real sense of fun?  The incarnation is a mystery Jesus is both human and divine, the Baby of Christmas, the Man of Easter and the Son of God.  What do you think?

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  1. Nice cartoon :) I definitely think Jesus had/has more of a sense of humor than most tend to give Him credit for :)


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