Wednesday 22 December 2010

On The Thirteenth Day Of Christmas (Advent 23)

Today's advent cartoon is the follow-up to the Twelve Days Of Christmas.  Radio Fours Thought For The Day was talking about how useless the various gifts were today but that we should buy something impractical (like four calling birds - I don't have need for a single calling bird never mind four) to show someone how extravagantly you love them.  That strategy is a high risk one that is more likely to result in a trip to a Customer Services department as shown above.

I think I ought to like BBC's Thought For The Day being interested in religion, Christianity, philosophy etc but it really irks me instead.  Mainly because whatever they are trying to put across, usually by relating it to some modern trend or event very rarely surprises or makes you think at all.  So my usual reaction (and I'm probably not alone in this) is to wish they'd simply get to their point so we can get onto listening to something interesting instead.

Two more days of advent challenge to go and then after taking a festive break I'll have to find something else to draw.

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