Monday 13 December 2010

When Santa Got Stuck In Scotland (Advent 14)

Today's Advent Calendar is a regional observation that may be lost on the 48% of Blog visitors that come from overseas.  So for their benefit lets recap the situation on the ground in bonny Scotland.
  • It is winter.  A fact that caught media outlets and those responsible for preparing for it by surprising partly because it started in November.  Hence this cartoon.
  • It is (very) cold.  Perhaps not for Penguins, but it is for Scotsmen who as we know wear kilts and no underwear all the year round.
  • It snowed quite a bit on a Monday.  Last Monday the Central Belt (the part of Scotland where the people outnumber the sheep) was paralysed by white fluffy snow and many drivers spent long hours (and some nights) on motorways in their cars.
  • It might snow again.  After their day of Infamy the weather forecastings are now trying to hedge their bets by suggesting oh no it might snow late this week.
  • Christmas is coming but our parcels aren't.  Supermarkets and some online shops have stopped taking new orders for delivery in Scotland before Christmas.  And those whose wives aren't as efficient as Santas or mine are worrying if all their existing Amazon parcels are going to arrive or whether they are going to have to tell their children Santa is stuck on the M8 with half of Postal Force.
So while we wait to see what Santa and the weather will bring lets have a chorus of 'When Santa Got Stuck in Scotland'

When Santa got stuck in Scotland he began to shout
Those boys and girls want get any toys unless you get me oot *
My hands are numb and so is my bum
My nose is tickly too (Achoo!)

When Santa got stuck in Scotland - what noo, what noo, what noo! *

* Having spent several decades in Scotland I have picked up this much Scots oot = out and noo = now (oh and coo = cow)

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