Monday 27 December 2010

Perils of Polar Bear Adoption

Polar Bear Adoption Cartoon
Back from the Christmas break with a cartoon about the unexpected consequences of Christmas presents in this case Adopting A Polar Bear.  WWF (the World Wildlife Foundation not the fake wrestling mob) and others advertise Polar Bear Adoption as a gift which surely cannot be taken literally.

There is a debate to be had as to whether polar bears really are in danger from melting Artic ice which is a debate I'm happy to avoid for the moment.  The fact is there are many cartoons that could be drawn about either side of the climate change debate both of which think of themselves as Dr Spocks of science dealing only in cold scientific fact while the opposing forces are either daft or deceitful.

ps. Hope Santa was good to you and your family. I no longer have an Advent deadline driving daily cartoons but the urge is still there so keep checking in.

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  1. Hi Andrew

    Loving your Christmas work.

    On too many debates I have the tendency to over-understand both sides, and put off making any statement in favour of balance and equivocation.

    But my view is that the climate debate is different. I spent quite a bit of time digging into it last year and came to the conclusion that one side was indeed Dr. Spock (with the occasional moment of misguided hyperbole) and the other side was indeed daft or deceitful (or had been paid by an oil company at some point - McKitrick and McIntyre - looking at you!)


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