Monday 6 December 2010

Poor Mrs Claus (Advent 7)

If I was to draw a pie chart of the male/female gender split of Christmas workload I would reckon I contribute about 5% of the overall effort a fact I'm sure my wife would agree with as she goes off to finish writing our Christmas cards, hang up the washing and all after 5 hours in snowbound Glasgow gridlock.  Indeed she is so indispensible she even pointed out an error in my caption I would have missed.

ps. Dear Google if you insist on improving the Blogger experience with your funky new Google Cloud Picker for uploading images at least give us something that's not a beta version that comes up with an error message everytime you try and use it.  The best workaround to this found by Googling is to clear your cache and cookies and then it did work the old way again.
pps.  I still love Google so great and powerful corporation do not stop your benevolent robots crawling thy humble servants site and directing random searches here just because of the previous criticism. 

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